A shopping spree for the less fortunate #CAP

Street store is giving the less fortunate a chance to shop their hearts out, for free.
“We hope to contribute to the alleviation of unemployment and inspire the youth to better themselves and build the community for the future generation,” Sibusiso concluded.

A shopping spree for the under-privileged? Yes, it can be done.

The Street store ran a pop-up store in Kagiso on Saturday, 10 October, where the under-privileged and poor were given the opportunity to pick any item of clothing or bedding off the rack. It was a shopping spree of note, when those who can’t afford to pay their own way at expensive shops had their very own shop, for free.
Shane from Maseko and Yumba Consulting came to support the event.

The Street store is a charity organisation that was established in 2015 in collaboration with the Napier Haven shelter, which is based in Cape Town. “We saw the need to reach out and assist our community and that’s why we created an event that could help those in need,” said Sibusiso Bhangaza, spokesperson for the Street store. Caring community members responded to the Street store’s call and came out in numbers to donate clothing, food and other items that were handed out to the less fortunate on the day. “The aim is to re-instill pride, dignity and hope in our people,” said Sibusiso.

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