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Work Outfit Ideas #CAPAfashion

What is work casual for women best outfits,what will you choose from?

Work outfit with a finish of red cardigan, that perfects the whole look

 Inspired work look featuring stripe dress, rayon cardigan, Tote Handbag in blue and red  stilettos shoes.

Simple but beautil Maroon dress with a black slim belt

Sky blue and white for that lovely look

Black and cream work outfit idea

Beautiful business attire
Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well

Friday, 4 March 2016

Some of the faces at Hydro Lounge MVP Night Yesterday #CAPEntertainment

Check out some of Jozi doppest who came through Yesterday night  (Hydro Lounge) MVPNight Every Thursday 
VIP Section with Them Jozi Lions #TBShydrofrance #Opa6ix #Aremogucci #Boloj Among others
That moment when Int'l DJ Yemite dey Jam Official Opa6ix Who's your lover. (Hydro Lounge)
Bolo j (Gforce Records) #Collection
DJ Yemite & His product DJ Bright of the future
The Admin/Publisher City Alert Plus with Int'l DJ Yemite Southy Oba Mix & DJ Toy Just Dance fresho out from Nigeria
Hydro Lounge MVPNight (Always on point) 
Pay Bills via POS 
Int'l DJ Yemite
Them baddest (Aremo Gucci Half body in the Picture)
#TBShydrofrance the C.E.O Hydro Lounge/Hydro Liquor  
Int'l DJ Yemite 
The Manager (Hydro Lounge) on Duty
Hydro Lounge Staff on Duty
Bolo j Black Son (GforceRecords)

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Debunking Myths about Acne #CapFashionHealth

Acne vulgaris is a condition that can be treated successfully if approached correctly.


So, how do you get rid of it? Firstly it’s important to bust the myths surrounding acne. Have you ever been given any of the following advice?

  • “Washing your face regularly prevents/cures acne”
  • “Acne in the centre of the face or around the mouth is “hormonal”
  • “Stress causes acne”
  • “Smoking doesn’t affect acne”
  • “Eating chocolates causes acne”
  • “Eating greasy foods causes acne”
  • “Tanning ones face makes acne better”
  • “Applying Sunscreen causes acne”
  • “Everyone will outgrow their acne, it is ‘normal’ to have pimples as a teen”
  • “A few pimples are not acne” (See table below. Mild acne can progress to more severe acne)
These little tidbits of advice are all fiction, even though many of them are widely believed to be true. The truth about acne is that:

  • Acne is a disease of the pilosebaceous unit (hair follicle and sebaceous (oil producing) gland)) which leads to
  • Excessive sebum (oil) production as a result of increased sensitivity of the sebaceous glands to hormonal influences. This starts in teenage years but can persist into adulthood. There is often a genetic predisposition.
  • Skin cells sticking together causes plugging of pores (keratinization disorder). This causes the formation of comedones – blackheads or whiteheads.
  • Bacterial overgrowth within the comedone, and finally Inflammation which causes pimples and pus pimples (pustules) as well as cysts.
Dr Orrey states that it is correct that your lifestyle can affect your skin and it’s susceptibility to acne. Factors such as eating foods high in sugar, eating or drinking too much dairy, excessive scrubbing and cleansing, applying occlusive ointments such as Vaseline, and squeezing pimples (who doesn’t love a good pimple squeezing session?) can all worsen your acne which will inevitably cause scarring, pigmentation, and often psychological damage/self –esteem issues.

So What Are The Do’s And Don’ts of Acne Treatment?

  • Go get professional help early. Start off with your GP who will refer you to a dermatologist if necessary. Acne scarring is irreversible and can be prevented.
  • Eat a healthy diet, avoid sugar especially sugar containing cool drinks such as COKE and FANTA, and manage your stress
  • Clean the skin with a gentle cleanser and not scrubs
  • Apply an oil free moisturizer
  • Apply sunscreen when out in the sun. There are many oil free preparations available Use a foundation to cover up the pimples if necessary. There are many acne friendly cosmetic preparations available

  • Leave your skin and hope it will clear on its own
  • Squeeze pimples. Squeezing and ‘picking’ can lead to scarring and pigmentation. This can damage the skin permanently.
  • Tan your face hoping acne will go away. The sun damage can cause premature aging and also skin cancer later in life.
  • Use abrasive cleansers and scrubs.


Enjoy Waje - Omini Knowest - (Official Music Video) As 'e' Dey Hot #CAPMusic

Join Them Jozi Baddest #OPa6ix & Scoobynero tonight @HaremSA #CAPNews

All roads lead to Harem S.A tonight Friday 4th of March 2016, Johannesburg are you ready? Lets party with them Jozi doppest  Artistes #officialOpa6ix a.k.a #WhoYouHelp along side #ScoobyNero

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Fashion Heels Trend, Love it all from head to sexy heels #CAPFashion

Sexy Shoe Desire, listen to the voice in your head telling you to buy the shoes, there's no such thing as too many when it comes to shoes,Gorgeous shoes! 
What's your favorite style of heel?
Red Suede Stiletto Heels

Purple Stiletto Heels Knee High Boots

Floral Print Stiletto Heels

Black and Gold stiletto heels

Timberland Stiletto Boots Women

Enjoy Rihanna Latest Music Video - Work (Explicit) ft. Drake #CAPMusic

Picture of the Day #CAPNews

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe at his 92nd birthday celebrations on Feb. 27. 

See our Africa Ladies Killing it in Different African Outfit #AfricanFashion #Ladiesinstyle #AgbadaandDanshiki #CAPFashion

Check out some of our African Super Stars Rocking in different African Outfit, Feel free to mention your favorite style with the Star name according to the picture code in the bracket. 
(Pix A) Rocking  Red with touch of Blue in Danshiki Style

(Pix B) Black & white Agbada rocks

(Pix C) So lovely #Killing it in Buba and Sokoto style

(Pix D) Beautiful, killing it in African way

(Pix E) Checked Material in Danshiki style

Wedding Fails Compilation 2016 #CAPComedy

Thursday, 3 March 2016

How regular sex keeps vagina healthy – Gynaecologist #CAPHealth

A Gynaecologist at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Kano, Dr. Jibril Abdullahi, has advised women to avoid cleaning the vagina with soap and alum as such could do more harm than good.
Abdullahi gave the advice against the backdrop of general understanding among women that such cleaning was the best way to keep the female part healthy.
He told the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday that the vagina had a pH level that needs to be maintained between 3.5 and 4.5 in order to prevent the growth of unhealthy bacteria and maintain the growth of good bacteria.
He said washing the vagina with harsh chemical could hurt the pH (potential of hydrogen) balance around the organ and could lead to irritation, infection, as well as offensive odour.
According to Abdullahi, women can use lukewarm water to clean by wiping from front to the back instead of using harsh chemicals in the area.
He explained that “the use of simple clean water is enough to keep the vagina clean because it has natural fluid to clean itself.
“The vagina cleanses itself. Avoid the use of feminine sprays on the vagina, scented pads, tampons, as well as scented wipes to avoid burning and irritation.
“Wipe from front to back to avoid bacteria from the anus invading the vagina and wear cotton underwears.
“Women should also avoid tight underwears made from synthetic fabrics such as silk and lace, among others.”
The gynaecologist also advised women to always change wet clothes and underwears immediately after workout or swimming to guard against yeast infection.
He said: “Taking yogurt also helps to prevent yeast infection.”
Abdullahi further advised women to maintain good hygiene during menstruation by changing sanitary pads frequently and to always wash the vagina after sex to minimise the chances of infection such as bacteria, among others, from invading the organ.
The expert also advised male partners to always wash the penis before sex to minimise bacterial infection invading the vagina, especially if condom was not used.
He advised women to urinate after sexual intercourse, saying it helped to flush bacteria out of the vaginal area and also prevent the risk of developing Urinary Tract Infection.
He stressed that “the consumption of fruits such as cranberries, pineapples, strawberries, among others, helps to freshen the smell of the liquids secreted by the vagina.
“Drinking lots of water and consuming lots of garlic also helps to remove toxins from the vagina, as well as prevent yeast infection.”
Abdullahi suggested kegel exercise to help maintain healthy vagina, noting that “it helps to strengthen the vaginal pelvic muscle due to the fact that it tends to get weaker with age and childbearing.
“Also, having sex regularly helps to keep the vagina toned and elastic as it is another way of maintaining healthy vagina.”
Abdullahi then advised women to go for regular test to check Sexually Transmitted Diseases and get treated if infection was present, stressing that if left untreated, it could cause long term damage.
He also urged women to seek medical help if there was a change in the looks, discharge, smell, as well as pain in and around the vagina.


Medical results reveal Ese Oruru is 5 months pregnant #CAPNews

Ese Oruru, the teenage girl who was since last August abducted from her homestead in Bayelsa State and taken to Kano where she was allegedly forced to marry a certain Yunusa, has been discovered to be pregnant.
Police authorities discovered she was 5 months pregnant and this reportedly initiated her being handed over to the Gender and Child Protection Unit.
A team from the Medical Department of the Force was thereafter directed by the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Solomon Arase, to carry out a comprehensive medical examination on her at the Police Medical Facility in Area 1, Garki.
It is alleged that the white Hijab dress she wore on her arrival from Kano on Tuesday, was used to cover the pregnancy even though her physical condition and looks created suspicion, Vanguard reports.
However, upon verifying her medical status after results emerged, the IGP directed the Bayelsa State Police Command to take over investigation in the child violence offence saga because according to sources, the offence was committed in Bayelsa which is the place of residence of the abductor, Yunusa Dahiru.
Meanwhile, the abductor, Yunusa who may be charged with kidnapping and child abuse as well as violence, may be moved from detention at the Force Headquarters in Abuja to Yenegoa to be properly interrogated and prosecuted accordingly. #CAPNews

Enjoy Mark Angel Comedy (Episode 60) (Behind The Scene) #CAPComedy

Join us Tonight at Hydro Lounge Ranburg for Another MVP Night #CAPGig

Its Another MVPNight at Hydro Lounge tonight Thursday 03/03/2016 with them baddest in the game  Magetsie| Yemite | Thuli Thulz |Da_Cuz Hosted by Chelsea. City Alert Plus is also gonna be there live. #TeamHydro

Click => Here for Direction

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Enjoy Yung6ix - One Take Freestyle (NEW MUSIC 2016 ) #Cap

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Bolo J - Looking Fresh (Video Teaser) Bolo J of GforceRecords unveiled the teaser to the most awaited video for single 'Looking Fresh'. Produced by #DonJazzy Visual Directed by #godfather #Erufrosh #DJwaxxy #Tbshydrofrance #OlusegunGforce #JoassycanPro #TeamBoloj #GforceRecords #CAPMusic


By wearing the contact lenses people cannot make out that you are having some problem with their eyesight. Even, it will be quite easier for them to look good without wearing spectacles.

City Alert Plus

Advantages of contact lenses

Contacts provide better side vision as compared to eyeglasses.

A variety of lens types can be found to meet up with individual needs.

They eliminate the call to wear eyeglasses continuously.

Contact lenses provide predictable eyesight correction.

Contacts cost in excess of eyeglasses but lower than surgery
(although surgery can be less expensive eventually if it
permits you to go without having glasses or even contacts).

Some persons prefer how they look as soon as wearing contacts
rather than eyeglasses.
Look presentable
Contact lenses are a replacement to eye glasses which would have
covered your face with big glasses throughout these years. This is
 the time to look as you are without the use of heavy eye glasses.
 Whether you go to a public gathering or attend a wedding party
of your friend, contact lenses would bring out your natural beauty.
Hiding eyesight problem
It you are wearing an eyeglass; it will be quite natural for the viewers
 looking at you to make out that you have an eyesight problem. But,
 after wearing the contact lenses which gets placed transparent to 
your eye, no one can ever make out that you are suffering from 
the eye sight problem. Thus, you can easily hide the fact that 
you are having power in your eyes.

Trendy look
Some people willing to get a trendy look also go for the contact lenses
 with colors. This will change the color of your inner eyeball and you will 
look like a separate personality. There are also instances where people
 adopt wearing the eye lenses instead of the sunglasses. Just like you 
choose sun glasses with different colors, choosing eye lenses with
 different colors that protects you from the sun is also easier to be chosen.

There was a time when the eye lenses have been really very costly. 
People were even afraid to hear its price as only a group of people in
 the society with ample money in hand had the power and potential to
 get the eye glasses. But today, science had advanced and with 
changing technology people can afford eye lens as they cost within your reach. 
Even some eye lens with power is cheaper than some eye glasses.

There is certainly an increased risk regarding corneal infections, 
scratches, and scrapes.

Lenses may be easily damaged or dropped.

Cleaning and disinfecting your current lenses may be 
 complicated and inconvenient. You may need good hand-eye
 coordination to decontaminate, insert, and take away the lenses.

Some persons cannot wear for the purpose of comfortably. 
After going through the initial discomfort and expense of
 for the purpose of, some people continue to find these 
individuals uncomfortable or else unsatisfactory.

Wearing for the purpose of can cost a minimum of $150 each year,
 including the prices of cleansing and disinfecting solutions.
 Those who to substitute their contacts or alter prescriptions
 frequently may spend additional. The cost from the lenses 
varies in line with the type regarding lens a person wear.

In some work places, you will have to use protecting 
 eye-wear in the event you wear for the purpose of.

Complication in cleaning
When any dust particle or object sticks over the eye glass, you certainly take
 out your eye glass, wipe it with a soft cloth and wear it again. This is quite 
easy to clean eye glasses. But, cleaning the eye lenses are not so easy as
 they are placed at your eye contact if any dust enters inside your eye there
 will be irritation and since the eye lenses are small and is made up of 
transparent fiber while cleaning, it might slip from your hand.

Difficulty in lens insertion
Even the technique of lens insertion is difficult. Since the eye is a delicate 
part of your body and lens has to place inside your eye, it requires care
 and practice for placing lens in the perfect place. You need to place the 
eye lens exactly in the middle of your eye or else you might not be
 able to see properly.

Changing the lens
When you are going to get eye lenses in your eye power, it is very important
 to note that one pair of eye lens can be used for only certain duration of time.
 Once the time duration is over, you need to replace the eye lens. Thus,
 this will be a recurring expense for you in the long run.

Initial discomfort
Individuals using eye glasses for several years will find discomfort at an initial
 stage if they certainly adopts wearing the lens as it will take time for you to
 adapt with the change. Also you might forget that you are using eye lens
 and rub your eye with hand which can give rise to falling out of eye lens.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan proceeded to Nigeria’s capital city Abuja. #CAPNews

Completing his official programme in Ghana, the second stop of his visit to West Africa, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan proceeded to Nigeria’s capital city Abuja.

President Erdoğan was welcomed with a ceremony at Abuja Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport by State Minister for Foreign Affairs Khadija Bukar Abba Ibrahim, Minister of Federal Capital Territory Mohammad Musa Bello and Turkey’s Ambassador to Abuja Hakan Çakıl.

During his visit to Nigeria, President Erdoğan is accompanied by First Lady Emine Erdoğan, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Environment and Urbanization Minister Fatma Güldemet Sarı, Economy Minister Mustafa Elitaş, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak, National Defense Minister İsmet Yılmaz and a large number of businessmen.



Check out some of our stylish kids killing it, #SUPERSTYLISH #ADORABLEOUTFITS #FUNGIRLSANDBOYS What every mother would wish for.
Beautiful baby girl killing it #Blueandpink

So cute little boy looking stylish #Superdopekid

A simple black and white, #Supercool

Wow, hot and super hot, #littleangelonpoint

Beautiful angel killing it, #simplebutsmart

Cute handsome #lookinggood

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Khuli Chana at the 15th Metro FM Music Awards

Dreamteam at the 15th Metro FM Music Awards
CEO Gforce Record at the Metro FM  Awards

Somizi Mhlongo at the Metro FM Awards

Prince Kaybee at the 15th Metro FM Music Awards

Naymaps Maphalala at the 15th Metro FM Awards

Cyprian Ndlovu with Boity Thulo at the 15th Metro FM Awards

Tresor at the 15th Metro FM Music Awards

AKA at the 15th Metro FM Music Awards

David Thlale at the 15th Metro FM Awards

Amanda du Pont at the 15th Metro FM Music Awards

Boity Thulo arrives at the Metro FM Awards 

15th Metro FM Awards host Bonang Matheba

Minnie Dlamini at the 15th Metro FM Music Awards

 Thulisile Phongolo at the 15th Metro FM Awards
You are more beautiful when you are true to yourself. No one, none in this world, can replace the beauty you already poses.