Friday, 5 May 2017


Chris Rock opens up about his infidelity and divorce #CapNews

Chris Rock gave a very revealing interview to Rolling Stone this month in which he admits to infidelity on multiple occasions during the course of his 19-year marriage.

The comedian and Malaak Compton-Rock separated in 2014 and divorced in 2016. He told the mag that he cheated on his wife with three different women, and he even thought he was allowed to have out-of-wedlock romances because he was famous and making obscene amounts of money.

"That actually goes the other way. My faults are magnified," he said. "Your significant other, if they really love you, has a high opinion of you. And you let them down."

Chris is currently on his "Total Blackout Tour", which he jokingly calls the "alimony tour." There was a time during his comedy shows where he was bashing his ex and blamed the split on her. Now, though, he's realized that doing that, too, isn't exactly kosher.

"It's not fair," he told the magazine of his contentious split. "I have a mic, she doesn't. God forbid people are bugging her in the supermarket. That's not cool. I'm going to have to see her at weddings and graduations."
The funny man acknowledged that he was once angry at his ex, but then, "I asked myself, 'Do I want to be angry for a year?' It's not a cool place to be. It's not healthy."

These days, Chris is off the market and is now dating actress Megalyn Echikunwoke.
"I'm dating a girl now," he said. "She's got her own dough, it's amazing."

Still, even though his focus continues to be on his two daughters, Zahra and Lola Rock, not everything isn't totally on the up and up with his family life. 

"My own daughter has blocked me on Instagram," he told Rolling Stone. "They grow up so quick."
He even said he cried during his custody battle over this daughters with his ex.

"We live in a world where men are assumed to not have feelings," he said. "All my friends assume I moved into the city after my divorce, away from my girls. When I say I bought a house around the corner, it blows their minds."

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