War: See what you get after chopping too much life #CAPondaRUN

Letter to Fellow Nigerian Youths
See shameless leader who rule Nigeria as a country "The Youth must take over from this baboons called first class citizens, we have equal rights and the time to stop all this nonsense is now...

Nigerian wake up take what belong to all of us back the national cake is not for their families alone. No wonder every body want to leave the country to find a better life in another country, I DON'T BLAME NIGERIANS WHO CHANGE THEIR NATIONALITY IN ANOTHER COUNTRY.

This so called selfish leaders do come here and also go for vacation in other foreign countries around the world, they see how beautiful everything is and how things are done properly, they know all the solutions to our problems yet they wouldn't solve it because they eat a lot from it,

greedy set of cannibals called human being, selfish leaders who turn a country to family treasure, there is God hoo, where is the Mr president, buhari? Lets wake up and do this for this next generations to come they will be proud of us and the Lagan will be forever. I stand for 1 Nigeria and I say no to corruptions