Saturday, 18 March 2017

Now Trending Nigeria: Fashion or Madness? #CAP

West Africa Countries are so talented when its comes to crazy wears, If you are looking for a real mad and normal people as the same time then you need to travel down to the western part of Africa i promise you will lost count of different kind of fashion style you will come across especially in Nigeria and Ghana.

Lagos Palava: Vital accident in Marylad Lagos Nigeria this afternoon #CAP

The report came to CAP not long after this incident happened,  A honda car was crushed by a long trailer along Maryland Ikorodu road in Lagos Nigeria.  To all lagosians i am very sure they are used to this kind of incident happening all the time.

Video: Saucing- Okyeame Kwame ft. Sir x Sante "Official Video" #CAP

This is must watch for everybody especially the kids around the world, See how this little boy deliver and make this song unique, I am very sure you want to watch this video over and over.

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@CityAlertPlus #CAPontheRUN

This lady was beat to death in Saudi Arabia by her employer #CAPupdate

This young lady who we don't really know which part of Africa Country she came from was killed by her employer in South Arabia. The report came to CAP this evening,  This young lady travel to Saudi Arabia to seek a greener pasture, she works as a house help and also take care of her employers child.

See Davido Reply to Punch Bullshit #CAPupdate

We all know what "OBO" went through last time when this gold digger lady came up with her mess about having a baby with him.

Davido twitted this "Fuck y'all I swear!!! Stay trynna bring me down with lies! AGAIN FUCK YOU PUNCH!! From Davido Official Twitter Account today in reply to Punched press released about Davido in another paternity mess.

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