Thursday, 6 July 2017

Babangida reveals how US invited 12 northern governors to remove Jonathan #CAPontheRun

More revelations have emerged on the alleged conspiracy of the US in the electoral defeat of former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015. Jonathan had claimed that former American President Barack Obama, was responsible for his loss.

Police unmask female officer who helped Evans escape #CAPontheRUN

An investigative panel set up by the Inspector General of Police has uncovered a senior police officer who aided the suspected kidnap suspect.

Badoo members are sponsored by influential people in Lagos' - OPC Leader #CAPonthRun

The National Leader of the Oodua Peoples’ Congress [OPC], Otunba Gani Adams has fingered influential politicians and wealthy men in Lagos State as being the ones sponsoring the deadly ritual cult gang, Badoo.

Jay Z’s 4.44 album hits platinum in less than one week #CAPontheRun

Jay Z’s new body of work, 4.44, has been certified platinum less than one week after it was released.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s income per Instagram post revealed #CAPontheRUN

A study by Instagram schedulers, Hopper, has revealed that Real Madrid forward, Cristiano Ronaldo earns £310,000 for each post he puts up on Instagram.

Davido has frog voice – Wizkid #ACAPontheRUN

Popular Nigerian singer Ayo Balogun otherwise known as Wizkid and his rival, David Adeleke also known as Davido have resumed their social media war of words.

Twin sisters married to one husband dedicate children same day #CAPontheRun

A set of twin sisters who got married to the same man in Akwa Ibom State has become the talk of the town after they dedicated their babies on the same day.

Was the Queen of Sheba buried in Ijebu? #CAPontheRun

The Ijebu people in Ogun State believe that the Queen of Sheba is actually Bilikisun Sungbo, a wealthy and childless widow from medieval times...

D'Banj "KINGDONCOME" Global Album Drops Tomorrow Friday 7-7-17 #Dbanjfellaz #CAPontheRUN

 To all D'banj fellaz across the world, This is the time to show how much love the King "Banga Lee" music, As "KINGDONCOME" drops tomorrow 7-7-17

Once again get ready as #KINGDONCOME Album drops 
Tomorrow 7-7-17 (Friday July 2017).

Picture of the day: Hot Mystikal Ebony in action #CAPontheRUN

Hot or Not?
This Unique piece of Art is ontop of our list for today #CAPpictureoftheday 

I am very sure that this will be a little bit hard for our readers to figure out "who we have in this hot picture which top our list as "Picture of the today".

Auction! Auction!! Auction!!! Dont Miss This opportunity if you are in Johannesburg #UrgentAlert

Auction starts: Thu, 6 July 2017 at 10:30 am
Venue: 53 Sterling Road, Kosmosdal, Centurion
Viewing Date: Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 09:00 to 16:30



Join MXO | Sliq Join Angel | Malik This Sunday 16 July at MT-Lounge #CAPeventUpdate

Join SA young Afrocentric, Soulful, Eclectic and Poetic authentic traditionally cultured music movement on stages at MT-Lounge ending your Sunday evening with smooth rhythmic sounds.

Must Watch: See what this amazing 3 years old kid did to his mother #CAPontheRUN

Meet Super Star M.E Nigerian South Africa based Music Producer & Performing Artist #CAP

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Supper Star M.E is one of the best Nigerians based in South Africa doing it real big in entertainment industry generally, This talented music producer, performer also run a visual product house which serve across the whole of Africa operating from the heart beat of South Africa "Johannesburg" to the rest of the world.

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