Fingerprints are the future of bank pins "Specifications introduced by VISA is changing the way individuals do banking" #CAP

Specifications introduced by VISA last September is upping the role of biometrics in the customer verification game.

According to Businesstech, the new specification enables the use of fingerprint, palm, voice, iris or facial biometrics with chip card transactions.

Fingerprints are securely accepted by a biometric reader, encrypted, and then validated. The biometric data is validated by the EMV chip card and never exposed or stored in any central databases.

Banks can, however, choose to validate the biometric data within their own secure systems for transactions occurring in their own environments, such as ATMs.

In South Africa, most of the 40 000 fingerprint sensors in banks are HID Global’s Lumidigm product, which employs multispectral imaging technology to capture fingerprint patterns under the skin.

As a result, these sensors can read worn or damaged fingerprints, and can cope with wet or dirty hands. This capability delivers virtually error-free authentication with a single touch of a finger.

The other great advantage is that the Lumidigm readers can detect liveness and fake attempts.

It is furthermore a secure endpoint technology for un-manned biometric interactions, such as ATMs and points of sale, giving banks the assurance that the technology can automatically do all the checks and balances needed to keep customers’ money safe.

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