Save the date to Chop Life with "Pop Riri" Wazzyno a.k.a Don Souljah + dem working boiz #CAPontheRIN

28th of this month City Alert Plus "Industreett Night" live on the street of Rockey "Yeoville" Johannesburg, South Africa are you Ready!!!!

Pop riri will be performing live on the street along side them working boiz "Bebekingcan" very soon and "Jaymon" Jekanmo...  also feturing the resident DJs ; DJ Banky Lue, Dj Ben and DJ Smartex.

Joassycan Pro the MC of the night and also the host will be trilling fans as usual along side the with the artists, You know we have the street credibility, GettoUnilelevel Lets do the hit together one time.

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